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Promoting Diversity
& Inclusion

Understanding and respecting diversity in the workplace is an important issue for us all. Our inclusive approach to talent engagement and management allows every person to feel comfortable, heard and supported. We work hard to build everyone’s confidence in their careers, regardless of background, race, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity.

Eliminating Unconscious Bias

Our assessment platform enables our Talent Acquisition team to run fair and objective test campaigns by removing any unconscious bias from the recruitment process. Challenging unconscious bias in our own practices has helped us to cultivate an increasingly diverse workplace culture. We will use this learned experience to help your company remove implicit bias from its own interviews, for the benefit of everyone in the organisation.

Supporting Returners

By engaging with our experienced returners to work, your business has an innovative way to expand its talent pipeline, improve business performance and boost workplace diversity. Our training pathways, technical support and mentorship allow workplace returners to acquire additional or refreshed skills, as we build their confidence in reintegrating back into a career, often supported by flexible working arrangements.

Social Mobility Focus

Through our Pioneer Programme, we are continuously working hard to provide improved access to career opportunities for those from disadvantaged backgrounds through targeted engagement activities. This is helping us to make a real difference, enabling our clients to create more diverse workforces and inclusive workplaces that are based on diverse talent rather than privilege.

Social Mobility Foundation

IQUAD supports the Social Mobility Foundation which aims to make a practical improvement in social mobility for young people through its Aspiring Professionals Programme. For employers, we highly recommend taking part in the @SocialMobilityF’s Employer Index. It is a brilliant way for companies to improve socio-economic diversity initiatives.

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