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What We Do

Our IQUAD Pioneer programme supports, trains and develops talent into technology careers.

Widening the talent pool

Enabling social mobility

Social background continues to affect people’s job prospects. Through our Pioneer Programme, in partnership with respected networks are able to give students and young people from less advantaged backgrounds access to the training and mentorship support that is required to help bridge this gap, empowering everyone to build more successful careers.

Retraining professionals

We give opportunities to professionals who want to develop new skills or who have a passion to retrain for a change of career. Retraining and returning to work with our support, gives Pioneers a structured pathway back into their new future career.

Supporting returners

Skilled professionals who have taken an extended break from their careers to focus on personal commitments represent an untapped talent pool that has the potential to make a significant contribution to both business productivity and performance. We enable those Pioneers who have taken a career break to build upon their established skills and learn new ones to accomplish their ambitions.

Focusing on displaced employees

In recent months, organisations across all major industry sectors have re-shaped their workforces. The impact of mass redundancies and the imminent cessation of the government’s furlough scheme has seen a significant number of in-demand professionals re-enter today’s tumultuous job market. This is an incredibly valuable new source of talent and we will continue to support people impacted by the pandemic.


Training Academy

Our Pioneers continuously build upon their knowledge and experience through training and certification across development, frameworks, practices and tools. This builds our Pioneer’s confidence and technical ability, enabling us to direct them to the relevant career pathway across our Software Engineers, SRE, Data Analytics and Technical Business Analyst pathways.

IQUAD offer our clients a credit system giving free usage of our Academy and full technical support.

Support & Engagement

Technical Support

Our Pioneers benefit from initial and ongoing technical and professional development provided by our highly experienced trainers and support staff:

Upon the Pioneer’s six month performance review, further training can be allocated and scheduled to ensure progression. Our PioneerHub technical library allows 24/7 access to the Pioneers across software development including programming, databases, practices and tools.

Engagement Support

Our Pioneers benefit from a dedicated Engagement team. This team acts as a point of contact for the Pioneer and the client, providing both HR support and professional development:

Ensuring the Pioneer is fully supported allows them to focus on their role and building a successful career. Guiding the Pioneers through the first week of working through to the performance review process and through to the conversion process at 18 months with our clients.

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